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The Oval Neon Open Sign

March 8, 2009

A new craze has swept the retail community.  It’s the oval neon open sign  and it looks like this:

Even in my quaint neighborhood of Noe Valley in San Francisco, we are inundated with this ubiquitous symbol of openness.  When I see this sign the following thoughts go through my head in this order:

  1. Shock  – Wow, another one of these signs (?!)
  2. Enlightenment – This business is probably low quality / unoriginal / not trying hard.
  3. Confusion – Why would the proprietor want to convey these connotations?
  4. Trivia – I guess this establishment is open / closed.

In just a few blocks along 24th street in Noe Valley I counted six of these eyesores.  It is a perfect example of horrible design and poor marketing.  A hand painted open sign is friendlier, unique, conveys personality, and is only a fraction of the cost.  Here is my favorite sign on 24th Street for a shop called ladybug ladybug: