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Video Feeds

November 10, 2008

These days, paying for cable TV makes less and less sense.  My roommate got an HDTV.  i hooked up this ghetto antenna (basically a short wire), and we picked up 6 HD ATSC channels!  Sure it helps to live close to an ATSC antenna.  You can check antennas near you on AntennaWeb.  Unfortunately we cannot get NBC HD over ATSC, but that’s ok because the best show on NBC is Sunday Night Football, but nbc has an incredible online SNF feed where you can choose various camera angles!

Also, if you have a Netflix membership, you can watch thousands of movies instantly online.  Only problem is you need to use IE because of Microsoft DRM.  Although DRM is extremely annoying, it allows providers to stream copy-protected material, so that definitely makes it worth it.

Another great online source of video is Hulu.  They have the entire series of Arrested Development which I highly recommend.

So where is this all leading?  Well cable companies seem to be in trouble, since they no longer have a monopoly on video distribution.  All that matters now is who is who can provide the best IP connection.