I’m a software engineer living in San Francisco.  I hope to use this blog to share some of the more interesting things I learn on a daily basis.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Roy van Rijn Says:


    I’ve recently found your website explaning the workings of the Shazam algorithm.

    Recently I have also implemented something similair, in Java, and blogged about it. But about a week ago I received a cease-and-desist letter from Landmark Digital Services LLC.

    They want me to:
    – Not publish the code (hadn’t done this yet, was planning on releasing it open source)
    – Remove my blogpost explaining the algorithm (http://www.redcode.nl/)

    So now I’m curious, have you received similair complaints?



  2. Bryan Jacobs Says:

    Wow that is bizarre and highly unfortunate. No I have not received any warnings from them and I find it hard to believe they can legally ask us to take down these descriptions. I’m not sure what the copyright laws are like in the Netherlands, and I’m definitely not a lawyer, but I think Landmark is out of their minds.

    The algorithm is completely in the public domain has many successful AND commercial implementations to name a few:
    LASSO media recognition by RoviCorp (http://www.rovicorp.com/products/ce_manufacturers/insight_ce/lasso.htm)
    Mufin Audioid (http://business.mufin.com/en/products/mufin-audioid-music-recognition-and-music-monitoring/)
    and even opensource libfooid (http://code.google.com/p/libfooid/)

    All the information we have published is freely available and published publicly by their own engineers. Their real IP is not the algorithm, but their database of fingerprints.


    PS. good luck in the finals.

  3. Ikarus Says:

    Can you write about Biocentrism? I feel like this is an important topic to deconstruct due to finding new planets, Human-Machine Interface, and etc. I would like to see how you explain it. I really enjoyed your explanation of time using 2nd law of thermodynamics and binomial probability.

  4. Dave Harrison Says:

    I am doing some research on irreversibility in the realm of conscious thought. I am investigating the relationship between Poincare’s Conjecture and Poincare’s Recurrence Theorem. Would you agree that the second law of thermodynamics although very highly probable could be described as a statistical law. To your knowledge, are there any implications to Perelman’s proof of Poincare’s Conjecture for the Recurrence Theorem?

    I’m not trained ini physics or geometry, but your explanations were very helpful, so I though I would post the question on your blog. Thanks

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